A group of Selections clients currently enrolled in the GRiT program had the opportunity to take part in a two-session training course involving hands-on training in the hairstyling trade. Four of Selections’ GRiT participants engaged in learning the basics of the trade, including the dampening, combing, preparing, and sectioning of the hair, as well as learning about the most common tools used for haircutting and styling. The clients were able to practice their skills on the salon’s mannequin heads, something that seems challenging but that the youth picked up with ease. Selections partnered with a local salon called ORIGIN Hairstylers for the training session. The salon’s staff helped our clients each learn at their own pace, giving our clients tips, tricks, and suggestions when needed. The staff were helpful, patient, and gave clear instructions to the participants in the training. The youth that participated were very happy with their experience, and it was clear to see the joy and excitement on their faces while advancing their hairstyling skills at the salon. Overall, Selections was glad to have partnered with such an open and engaging salon, especially once seeing how much the GRiT participants’ natural talents were demonstrated, and the enjoyment of our clients throughout the learning process of the training course.