Selections Career Support Services is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to individuals with disabilities and other barriers by assisting them in finding and maintaining opportunities for employment and volunteering. After four decades of serving individuals in the Edmonton area, the heart of Selections’ vision is the conviction that every individual possesses an abundance to offer their community. Selections strives to provide holistic services designed to support individuals to live fulfilling, enriched, and inclusive lives.

Selections Career Support Services

Our Vision

Empowered individuals attaining meaningful employment independently in workplaces that embrace diversity.

Our Mission

Selections is a dynamic organization that strives for excellence and promotes inclusive employment by removing barriers for individuals with disabilities.

Our Values

Our core values inform our activities:


Through skills and training, we ensure individual voices are heard and understood in the community by promoting their strengths.


We help foster a sense of independence and confidence within individuals.


We create inventive and dynamic strategies to promote and pursue employment opportunities.


We encourage individuals to develop a sense of belonging and contribute meaningfully to society.

Our Team

Our Selections team comprises passionate career development specialists, administration professionals, and community-focused leaders. Each brings us their unique skills, experience, and energy to further Selections’ mission. To view our Board of Directors, click here.

Angie Amaris

Executive Director

Angie is a graduate psychologist and passionate advocate for human rights. She immigrated to Canada from Colombia in April 2010 with her husband and little 9-month-old daughter. Since arriving in Canada, Angie has rapidly built a successful career in the non-profit sector.

Angie has been active in the non-profit sector for over 17 years. Her experience includes combatting sexual abuse, commercial sexual exploitation, and homelessness. Most recently, her heart has led her to advocate for inclusion and equity in the Disability sector. Angie strongly believes in Selections’ philosophy of discovering every individual’s unique talent and ability.

Pablo Castro

Program Manager

Pablo graduated from George Brown College in Toronto. He is a Community Worker and a Career Counsellor who believes in empowerment as the way to enhance the capacity of individuals to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.

As an employment and settlement professional with more than 12 years of experience, he dedicates his career to assisting, coaching, and empowering diverse clients while always maintaining a non-judgmental attitude. Pablo bases his work on the idea that giving back will help strengthen those individuals and empower communities to reach their goals.

Juliana Luna

Office Manager

Born in Colombia, Juliana immigrated to Canada from Argentina in October 2011. She has experience in administrative jobs and brings her positivity and valuable skills to our office through all administrative tasks. Juliana has a degree in Business Administration and speaks German, Spanish and English.

Currently, Juliana lives in Edmonton with her husband Jorge and daughters Sophie (8 years) and Nicole (7 years). When not working, she spends quality free time with her family and pursues her passion for cooking.

Michelle Chellew

Program Coordinator

Michelle is a University of Alberta graduate from the Bachelor of Education program focusing on Special Education. She spent most of her early career as a classroom teacher in various elementary schools where she worked with students who needed extra support. Michelle transitioned into the Adult Education field through her work as a Facilitator for the North East Alberta Fetal Alcohol Network (NEAFAN). More recently she moved to Edmonton in 2021 and joined Selections as a Job Development Specialist where she supported individuals with developmental disabilities to gain pre-employment skills and to find a job that is meaningful to them. Drawing on many years of her personal family experiences with disabilities and professional experiences, Michelle now brings her expertise to Selections as a Program Coordinator for the Promoting and Driving Diversity Program.

Bailey DeZutter

Program Coordinator

After graduating from MacEwan University with a Bachelor’s in HR, Bailey started working with a recruitment agency, where she found her passion in hiring and supporting diverse candidates. She helped guide employees through the hiring process by developing their various skills through training workshops. This quickly transitioned into a passion for inclusion, spearheaded by the belief that absolutely everyone has strengths to be uncovered. Bailey is excited to continue advocating for individuals with disabilities and empowering employees, while working with Selections!

In her free time Bailey enjoys playing boardgames with friends, baking and going to the gym. She also spends her time coaching children’s basketball and playing herself.

Kelsey MacLellan

Program Coordinator

Kelsey graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She also completed a research certificate during her undergraduate degree. Since then, Kelsey has worked in academic research and non-profit organizations advocating for housing, employment, financial supports and other resources for those experiencing barriers. 

In her spare time, Kelsey likes to stay active and be creative. She enjoys baking, board games, swimming and most importantly: spending time with friends and family. 

Lucy Jones

Career Development Specialist

Lucy graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Human Ecology. In 2020, Lucy moved to Kelowna to become a community support worker, supporting adults with diverse abilities. There, Lucy promoted the wellbeing and inclusion of the adults she worked with, and learned valuable skills about how to support individuals who have faced barriers. Lucy has since returned to her home in Edmonton, and is excited to be continuing her passion working with adults with diverse abilities.

In her spare time Lucy enjoys watching movies, learning about history, spending time with loved ones, and planning her next trip abroad.

Melody Atefi

Career Development Specialist

Melody graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science in Honours Psychology. Post graduation, Melody has worked supporting adults with disabilities in their homes and creating activity programming for seniors. Her experience in these fields has led her to develop a passion for accessibility and inclusion that she brings to her work here at Selections. 

In her spare time, Melody enjoys curling, reading, kickboxing, and camping in the mountains with friends.

Riel Barnachea

Job Development Specialist

Riel graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education. She taught in several classrooms from kindergarten to high school and continues to tutor math to junior high and high school students. With her passion to help others improve and achieve their goals, Riel made her transition into Selections as a Job Development Specialist.

In her spare time, Riel enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and eating.

David Juarez

Career Development Specialist

David recently graduated from Macewan University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in sociology. He found it interesting to learn about the different dynamics that pertain to creating society and how humans interact with one another. David has a passion for helping his community and strives to give back in any way he can. He gets his inspiration from his parents, where growing up, David would see them helping their community as much as they could even when they had very little time and resources to spare. This is why he chose to pursue a career in human services.

For fun, David loves to watch sports, go to the gym, play video games, walk his dog, and spend time with friends and family. 

Jenry Perico

Job Development Specialist

Jenry graduated from Grant MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Science, Honours Psychology degree. Shortly after his undergrad, he completed a certificate program in behaviour intervention and has spent his time working with individuals with disabilities. Jenry continues to advocate for his client’s needs and rights and is passionate about making a difference in their lives.

During his spare time, Jenry likes to spend his time playing video games, chess, and basketball with his friends. He also loves to travel and go on road trips!

Laura Hyland

Job Development Specialist

Laura is a recent graduate from the University of Alberta Human Ecology program with a major in Family Science and minor in Child and Youth Studies. She has had a passion for supporting individuals from a young age and has lots of experience with training individuals at work in a way that sets them up to succeed. She is excited to continue to build this passion at Selections as well as build relationships with other businesses to share the importance of an inclusive workforce and compassion for others.

Laura is a huge animal lover, in her spare time she can be found at the barn with her horse Hal, or at home with her puppy Juice!

Brodie Edwards

Job Development Specialist

Brodie grew up in a small town but has now resided in Edmonton for about 13 years. She has years of experience in Customer Service and training involvement, then later moved into a Sales role where she enjoyed helping clients make important decisions throughout the entire process. Through her experiences, Brodie has developed a passion for building meaningful relationships and helping others succeed.

Brodie is excited to bring her enthusiasm for helping others to Selections! She can’t wait to bring her caring and outgoing personality to our clients and team members. She is looking forward to supporting individuals with opportunities for achieving success! Brodie loves playing music, singing, and anything artsy in her free time! She also enjoys fitness and has been boxing for a few years now!

Jason Jaffray

Job Development Specialist

Jason graduated from CDI College Edmonton South Campus, where he subsequently took on a role as Practicum Coordinator. Helping individuals is a passion he explored at the Millet Volunteer Fire Department for five years, where he was the inaugural recipient of the Firefighter of the Year award in 2017. Jason gives everything 110% effort, including his advocacy for individuals who want to succeed. He reaches his personal career goals by helping people achieve their goals successfully.

Gillian Noone

Intake Specialist

Born in Ireland, Gillian emigrated to Canada in 2009. She has recently graduated from MacEwan University as a Social Worker and is currently working on gaining her Bachelor’s in Social Work with the University of Calgary. Gillian has over 10 years of experience working in an Accounting role in the construction industry in Alberta. Gillian previously worked for another non-profit organization as an Employment Counsellor where she was able to assist newcomers to Canada reach their career goals.

Ajay Thakur

Administrative Assistant

Ajay is born and brought up in India. He completed his Master’s in commerce from Panjab University in 2018. Prior to moving to Canada in 2022, he was working with an employment agency as an administrative assistant. While working there he found a sense of joy because he was able to meet & interact with many different people as they moved through their employment journeys. After moving to Edmonton, he fell in love with the calm and peace of the city. Ajay has now joined our Selections team as an Administrative Assistant. He is looking forward to welcoming clients to our South location with his warm and approachable demeanor. Ajay can often be found in the kitchen or playing with his younger siblings Laddu & Gunnu during his free time. He loves to cook new dishes for his family & friends. He enjoys living a healthy and fit lifestyle where he often meditates to find and maintain inner peace & happiness.


Alana Gersky

Social Events Attendant – Part-Time Casual

Alana is another long-term Selections participant. Alana lives with her roommates and life coaches and is the Administrative Assistant at Selections. She lives with Down Syndrome and is hard of hearing, but she doesn’t let this get in the way of her opportunities and successes. Alana is passionate, sensitive, proactive, and positive and enjoys working at Selections!

Luigi Chiesa

Cleaning Assistant – Part-Time Casual

Luigi is a longstanding and appreciated Selections client. He has worked at the Selections office for a few years, where he helps maintain the cleanliness of the office. Luigi is always willing to help with anything the staff asks of him.

His hobbies include bowling, going to the Fire Station, and keeping his car meticulously clean.

Our History

Since 1979, Selections has been serving individuals with developmental disabilities, evolving in response to the needs of our program participants, employment partners, and the Edmonton area communities in which we operate. 

Selections started as a vocational program funded by the Edmonton Separate School Board. Our initial training program supported students with developmental disabilities to learn employable skills, strong work ethics, and confidence in their abilities. After completing the training, we assisted students in securing permanent employment or volunteer positions in their communities. 

In 1989, Selections adopted a new, community-based service model to better meet our primary goals and accommodate a broader scope of program participant interests and desires. Fostering inclusive communities and workplaces and supporting the self-actualization of individuals with developmental disabilities became our focus. 

Back in 2021, Selections obtained a grant through the Labour Market Transfer Agreement, allowing us to broaden our services to assist individuals with disabilities and various barriers in their pursuit of meaningful employment. The program associated with Employment Skill Development concluded in 2023.

In the same year, Selections also launched the Electronic Library Resource Center, providing clients with a space to work on their resumes and cover letters, attend workshops, obtain external certifications, or simply connect with their loved ones.

In 2022, Selections debuted the Get Ready in Trades Program, funded by Employment and Social Development Canada.

In 2023, Selections received the Career and Employment Information Services Grant from the Government of Alberta, leading to the creation of the newest program, 4WRD.

We are a



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