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Untapped Potential Conference 2024

Stay tuned for Untapped Potential Conference 2024, coming soon. To explore our conference from last year, scan the QR code below and click “Learn More.”

Untapped Potential Conference

October 4th, 2023 – Fantasyland Hotel and Conference Centre

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Address barriers in the workplace to create a more supportive and inclusive environment to promote retention and unlock the full potential of a diverse workforce.

**Please note this page is still under development stay tuned for more details.**


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Discovering Potential

Selections works with adults of all ages, with a vast array of unique abilities: 

  • Discover their passions, skills, talents, and interests
  • Develop a personal vision and viable path to meaningful employment
  • Obtain work-skills training and employment support to fulfill that vision
    Encourage community involvement and job matching for an inclusive work environment
  • Ultimately, discover their potential and realize their dreams

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Meeting Potential with Partnership 

At Selections Career Support Services, we foster successful partnerships with Alberta employers by:

  • Understanding their businesses and the skills needed to fulfill employment needs

  • Connecting them to a more diverse, inclusive group of job seekers more representative of their communities

  • Supporting employees and any unique accommodations they may have to be successful

  • Supplying essential safety gear

  • Ultimately, participating in a win-win arrangement, filling job vacancies with qualified, trained people with disabilities or barriers to employment.

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