Every year clients, families, staff and employers look forward to our Annual General Meeting! This year was Selections’ 43rd anniversary and we chose to theme the event the “D.I.M.E. Awards” which stands for Diversity, Inclusion, Mentorship and Empowerment. Staff nominated clients for the D.I.M.E. awards based on categories like punctuality, resiliency, teamwork and dedication which are qualities we love to see in our individuals! The event was filled with speeches, recognition awards, great food, and entertainment from Rapid Fire Theatre. An extra thank you to our donors of this AGM: Starbucks (3906 Gateway Blvd, 1751 102 St.) , Costco ( 2616 91 St), Beef’d Sandwich Bar (Millet), Real Canadian Superstore (4821 Calgary Trail) , Boston Pizza (South Commmon).