What We Do

Building inclusive workplaces and communities. 

We provide a range of career support services to ensure that adults with developmental disabilities are a vital part of the workforce and their community. 

Helping adults with developmental disabilities to discover their unique skills, talents and abilities to find their path towards a rewarding career.


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“Selections is an amazing program for people from all walks of life; to get support, job training, and resume help. Just everything you need help with. I can not say enough”.

Sarah (Participant)

I feel good about Sheena and Haley at Selections. The encouraged me to be better with the community, they taught me how to take the bus and sometimes I walk. I found this very helpful. I know more about my surroundings. It gives me a chance to meet people and help others.


Thank you for the opportunity; I appreciate Sheena, Haley and all who helped me at Selections. They are awesome.

Nida Shaikh (Participant)

Selections Volunteers play an integral part of our organization and communities. Each volunteer helps us in their way to achieve our level of excellence and success in what we do “To Provide Care for residents with Love and Dignity.”

Svitlana Kadziela--Volunteer Coordinator, St. Michael’s Health Group (Employment Partner)

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