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Career Support Services

for Individuals Seeking Employment

Employment presents adults with developmental disabilities with an aray of benefits, from the satisfaction from making an invaluable contribution to their community, to greater personal and financial independence, to social opportunities, and even improved self-confidence.  Whatever an individual’s personal goals may be, Selections is committed to helping bring them to fruition.


We help individuals with diverse needs and equally diverse skills, interests, and abilities find meaningful careers in the greater Edmonton area. We accept a wide variety of enthusiastic, committed adults (minimum of 18 years of age) who are eligible for funding through Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program on an ongoing basis.


Our Services

Selections Career Support Services include:


Job Club:

  • Resume writing

  • Interview practice

  • Learning about employee rights, responsibilities and safety

  • Learning about healthy relationships

  • Skill and Interest Assessments


Job Search:

  • Online job search and in-person

  • Support through online applications and interviews

  • Career explorations


Placement Support:

  • Bus training (1-2 sessions per site)

  • HR paperwork, online training, professional development

  • Support in learning and adapting to new tasks

  • Help individuals to create individual safety plans tailored to their work

  • Fade-out to foster full independence in individuals role

  • Fade-in when issues arise or liaising is needed



"Our daughter has been a volunteer with Selections for almost two years and from our very first telephone conversation with the ever cheerful Wanda, all the staff have been welcoming, kind and caring. Sheena and Erin have provided an incredible amount of support and their patience has been unwavering as they explored various placements and worked side-by-side with our daughter until she felt comfortable in her new role. The open communication keeping us abreast of both concerns and successes has been much appreciated.  Not only has our daughter learnt new employment and life skills, her self confidence has grown and her future and career prospects are brighter. We would like to thank all Selections’ staff members for their hard work and making the experience so positive."


--Rob and Carrie Thompson


Getting Started

To start the process, reach out to your Disability Services worker to submit an application to our program. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and accommodations may be available


Applicants will participate in an in-person intake and interview session, to explore their goals, motivations, and skills, and to help identify how they may be best supported. 

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and funded through Disability Services, have their own travel arrangements for ongoing placements, and be able to self-administer medications required during shifts.


Selections is committed to helping individuals overcome these and other barriers to employment.


Job Club

Job Club represents that first step in an individual’s career journey. Through participation in several sessions at the Selections' office with the guidance of the Job Club Facilitator, program participants learn essential information relevant to employment starting at the basics. The topics explored range from proper work attire, to employee rights, to workplace safety.


Beyond learning essential skills, Job Club serves a valuable role in helping participants explore their interests, preferences and individual strengths both via in-depth discussion and assessments with the Job Club Facilitator.


In the final stages of Job Club, participants are guided through practice interviews, developing a competitive resume, and are ready to begin the Job Search process.

h and l.jpg

Job Search

Job Search commences once Job Club is completed. This is where participants will be assigned to a Career Development Coordinator and begin the process of seeking a good job fit based on their skills, interests, availability and preferences. The individual’s CDC will lead them through online applications and do ongoing follow up with employers once jobs are applied for, however, the individual is expected to be involved in this process and motivated to find work or a volunteer position. During interviews, if the individual requests and the employer allows it, the CDC can accompany the individual interviewing for moral support and to help facilitate the conversation when needed. Career explorations are another way to assess a participant's skills and interests by getting the individual to try out a few hours at a job trying a variety of tasks and shadowing other employees. This is an unpaid “work experience” simulation that is a useful tool for gaging the individual’s abilities and for the potential employer to see if they fit the job requirements they are looking to fill.



CDCs provide ongoing support to participants throughout the duration of their placement. Participants are supported in completing on-site job training, ensuring that they have adequate opportunity to master the responsibilities of their new positions. CDCs provide support both on-site and remotely as needed, “fading out” of the workplace as participants develop confidence and independence in their new roles. CDCs are readily available to “fade in” should a participant struggle for any reason. A key objective of the program is to support program participants in developing organic relationships in their workplace, establishing ‘natural supports’ that will be available to them well after CDCs fade out. This is critical to fostering genuine workplace inclusion. CDCs serve as a liaison between individuals and employers to ensure an enduring, successful match that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Selections supports individuals in both employment and volunteer placements, depending on participant needs and interests. Occasionally, a volunteer placement may be initially employed to develop an individual’s skillset and resume, as a precursor to employment.

Ryan Dowling Career Fair 2015.JPG


Many participants achieve such a degree of independence – and develop such robust natural supports – that they formally graduate from the program to be independently employed. To date, Selections has supported countless individuals to realize this goal. While this is an outcome we strive towards, Selections appreciates that ‘independence’ occurs on a spectrum. Recognizing that every individual is striving towards their own degree of independence, CDCs remain available to support program participants as long as required.


Michelle has been a great asset to our branch. We love having her here. Her enthusiasm and her humor is loved around the bank. Michelle has come along way from her first day here. She was very shy but now walks around like she owns the place. She has grown immensely. She has no issues asking questions, talking to staff, and once in awhile even talking to our customers. Michelle is always first to hand out compliments to our staff. Whether its a new hair style, different nail color or new shoes, shes the first to notice. She goes about her day helping us out, doing whatever is asked of her, with a smile and a, " no problem attitude." We couldn't imagine the branch without her now, because she has brought so much to our bank work family.


--Doris Bulger, SR CSR, ATB Financial (Employment Partner)

They helped me get volunteer work at Shepherd’s Care Home and I met the hairdresser. She allows me to help with sweeping hair off the floor, taking curlers out of hair; remove wheelchairs and sometimes walkers and put on the side while they get hair done. I help older people down by elevator to hair salon.


I feel good about Sheena and Haley at Selections. The encouraged me to be better with the community, they taught me how to take the bus and sometimes I walk. I found this very helpful. I know more about my surroundings. It gives me a chance to meet people and help others.


Thank you for the opportunity; I appreciate Sheena, Haley and all who helped me at Selections. They are awesome.


Nida Shaikh (Participant)

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