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Working Remotely

Adjusting to a new routine, being home with your kids, technology failing you, resisting the temptation to walk to the fridge every 10 minutes can be challenging. Not feeling as productive as you were in the office, and changing all communication to online from face to face can feel inefficient.

There are also pros to working from home! The commute to and from work is eliminated. Instead of "business-casual" you just get to wear "casual clothes" (or the occasional work top for a zoom meeting). You are closer to family members or loved ones that you live with, and there is a sense of calm and safety at "home".

Selections staff have been working hard to stay connected through email, WhatsApp, Zoom, and phone calls daily. Wednesday Staff meetings continue to create some "normalcy" reminding us of our in office routine (we do miss the Timbits though). Communication between staff has been maintained but also our communication with our individuals and their networks remain on a weekly basis as well! Selections is striving to think outside of the box with clients and support them in new ways. This looks like finding resources, working on different skills, creating different goals, exploring other personal interests, and in general checking in on how people are holding up through the pandemic.

This message serves as a little reminder that we are all human, all trying our best and all in this together. Stay safe! -Selections Team


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