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Success Stories!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Despite this pandemic, Selections has been incredibly resilient in job searching, creating connections and finding employment for individuals in service.

We want to highlight a few of these great news stories!!

Brock started a job at FIND as a Part Time Swamper. He helps load and unload the trucks from the Furniture Donation Center, pick orders from the floor, help with processing and other tasks as required. His work ethic, previous experience and one of a kind attitude landed him this job and he is loving it so far! Great work Brock!

Luigi has recently accepted a position at the Selections Office as a Part Time Casual Cleaning Assistant. He will be shredding paper, cleaning the office, taking items to the Eco-station, watering plants, and helping move things as needed. Luigi knows the equipment at the office like the back of his hand, and is eager to start with the Selections Team!

Luigi, Ryan, Darryl and Gian have also been hired at Grant MacEwan as Casual Part Time Custodians. With students coming back to school, their roles are vital in keeping the university clean and safe. They are enjoying each others company, learning new tasks and meeting new co-workers. They are all thrilled to be back in the workforce and doing work they enjoy and excel at!


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