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Selections Heroes of Quarantine

This blog post is to recognize our Selections individuals who have been and are still working throughout the Pandemic. Their bravery, motivation, dedication and positive attitudes deserve recognition for the contributions they are making to society each day despite the uncertainty.

We have individuals placed at Hughes, Cycle Works, Qualiglass, Safeway, Canadian Tire, Lowe's, Loblaws, and Deloitte who have been able to maintain their employment during Covid 19. They have had to adjust to new hours, protocols, procedures, and take extra precautions accessing the community to get to and from work. We are proud of their resiliency and ability to transition and adapt during uncertain times.

From Wash Bay Attendants to Warehouse Workers to Courtesy Clerks to Cashiers to Administrative Workers. We thank YOU for doing what you are doing to ensure the public can access these essential services during this time and every day. We see you working hard and taking pride in your employment, which is inspiring and reminds us why we do what we do!


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