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Questions in Quarantine!

Selections staff have been answering some fun, random questions to share more about themselves and their lives in Quarantine. It's a nice little distraction to keep things light and positive during times of uncertainty! Here are a few: 1) What is something that has made you laugh really hard during quarantine?

Angie: My kids make me laugh and smile all the time. Erin L: Watching my mom dance as exercise , and listening to my grandma talk over the phone.

Juliana: I taught my kids how to sing a song while washing their hands, and I realize they are just singing it faster and faster to wash their hands quicker!

2) What is a meal you are embarrassed to admit you've been eating during quarantine?

Angie: Chicharron (Fried pork with a lot of calories)

Erin L: Instant noodles past 10 pm

Juliana: I am used to eating 2 meals a day but now I am having 3 full meals but not feeling embarrassed at all!

Sheena: Pancakes!

3) What is your favorite part about being isolated at home?

Erin L: Not having to wake up as early and cutting out the driving time. And wearing comfy clothes all day long.

Juliana: Spending lots of time with my daughters!

Haley: Getting to spend more time with my pet Chinchilla Perogy!


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