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New Office Measures Announcement

Based on the rising number of cases and new guidelines in effect, Selections is doing their part to slow down the spread and be responsible for the safety of staff, individuals and the community. Measures include:

-Staff and Visitors must continue to wear masks at all times indoors and not enter the office if they are showing symptoms or are a close contact of a COVID positive case.

-Staff will continue to rotate working from the office or working from home to limit interaction in the office. When in the office, the surfaces must be sanitized twice a day.

-In person meetings at the office will largely be switched to over the phone or via zoom whenever possible to limit the number of people in the office at the same time. -In Person meetings can only happen following proper PPE usage, by appointment only, and for reasons such as: Emergency/ Incident related concerns, New job site support, retraining, and in person interviews.

Thank you for helping us do our part, and we hope to revisit these measures in 2 weeks to re-assess the situation. In the meantime, stay positive and stay safe!


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