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National Volunteer Week 2020!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

At Selections we believe that volunteer placements can also provide a unique opportunity to: build relationships, feel included in your community, and contribute to society in a meaningful way. April 19-25, 2020 marks National Volunteer Week, and although Selections individuals are not actively at their volunteer placements right now, this won't stop us from celebrating them and he great work they do!

Here are a few responses from our Selections Individuals themselves to kick off National Volunteer Week:

Maria N/Randy B- WHARF Animal Rescue

"Being at WHARF as a casual volunteer is really cool. There are so many different kinds of cute animals that need lots of love and homes . Randy volunteers there 3 times a week and I go in if they need help with rabbits and guinea pigs. The people there are all volunteers and they are all very kind. When I go to WHARF i just want to take all the animals home with me, and we are considering adopting a bunny in the future!"

Darryl T- Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association

"Horses can be a good help for children with disabilities. They have unique personalities. Little Bits Riding Classes give them a chance to get out and meet new people and help others. It is a lot of fun to meet new friends and get out in the nice summer weather."

Ariel K- Fire Hall Volunteer

"I go volunteer at different locations and switch between different fire halls each week. Normally I just make sure everyone's doing okay by asking how they are and what's new. I help make sure the truck and the floors are kept clean. Occasionally I help out in the kitchen with preparing dinner. One time they left me in the kitchen to make the spaghetti sauce as a joke! I am looking forward to going back and seeing everyone.

Christine R- Misericordia Gift Shop/ Capital Care Dickensfield

"Last week I got a call from the volunteer coordinator at the Misericordia to check in on how everyone was doing. It was so nice!

I miss seeing the people at Dickensfield. I miss seeing everyone."

Lina B- Shepherd's Care Kensington

"I serve ice cream to residents and water the plants on the first and second floor. People tend to like vanilla the best and tiger the least, but I like the tiger flavor! The thing I like most about volunteering is the people. A memo I would like to give to the staff is that I miss them too and hope they are doing good."

Danny B - Selections

Danny has always been a great helper whenever Selections needs a hand. He has helped move furniture, provide coverage for other clients, helped load donations at our FunDrive, and has been a regular chip runner at our Casino Fundraisers. Danny always leaves room and time for helping those around him. We appreciate all your help and involvement throughout the years!

Luigi C- Selections

Luigi has dedicated countless hours to helping Selections around the office. He is our "Go-To" paper shredding guy and he put together our office board room chairs. Luigi also helps out each year with decorating the office at Christmas time, and is always eager to catch up with staff over a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. Thank you Luigi for all your help!


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