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Michelle at ATB!

Since 1979, Selections has worked to assist adults with developmental disabilities to find meaning and purpose through employment and volunteer placements.

"Michelle has been a great asset to our branch. We love having her here. Her enthusiasm and her humor is loved around the bank. Michelle has come along way from her first day here. She was very shy but now walks around like she owns the place. She has grown immensely. She has no issues asking questions, talking to staff, and once in awhile even talking to our customers. Michelle is always first to hand out compliments to our staff. Whether its a new hair style, different nail color or new shoes, she's the first to notice. She goes about her day helping us out, doing whatever is asked of her, with a smile and a, " no problem attitude." We couldn't imagine the branch without her now, because she has brought so much to our bank work family."
--Doris Bulger, SR CSR, ATB Financial

Meet Michelle!