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Good News Stories!

We would like to share some of the testimonials from clients accessing our Electronic Library Resource Center!

“The way that computers and tablets help people connect is by using zoom and google meets. With zoom you have a specific time, meeting ID and passcode.

Until this pandemic is over, using these options is quite crucial to be safe and you can connect with family, friends, siblings, extended family, coworkers or even volunteer placements. You can also use your phone through FaceTime and

Facebook messenger to video chat with a

group of people at one time! Please stay safe.”

-Alana G

“The new computers at the office are really good! I got the chance to come to the office for a few sessions to work on my pro-serve certification that will help me find new job and volunteer opportunities that I haven’t tried before. This has also helped me practice my reading and computer skills that I can use in everyday life.

I also rented a tablet and had fun using the spelling and word search apps. I would like to rent one again in the future!”

-Darryl T

"Throughout the pandemic I've been able to meet with my Career Development Coordinator over Zoom and learn about things like self care, self confidence, healthy relationships and Covid safety. Renting from the Electronic Library Resource Center gives a safer option to connect with people, as staying home and being safe is important to me!

I am very comfortable using Zoom now and I'm glad that I have learned a new skill over the pandemic." -Siobhan T


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