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All About Lily

Selections staff have been engaging with our clients about their pets, hobbies and what makes them smile during quarantine! It's also a wonderful way to showcase our individuals' amazing writing skills! Lianna E. has submitted a write up about her cat Lily. It looks like Lily is staying comfy and cozy and doesn't mind #stayinghome.

"I have a cat her name is Lily. She is 10 years old. She is grey, white and orange. We adopted her from the SPCA in 2010. She is a fun loving cat who loves to snuffle with you on your lap. She has a unique tail with a curl in it. The curl in her tail was there when we adopted her. She does not like to be picked up. Lilt is a small cat, she is only 9 pounds. She also loves to talk to us. She is spoiled, with 2 cat trees and lots of toys. She also thinks that everything is all about her, and expect treats every morning. She gets fed twice a day. She is VERY cute!" -Lianna E.


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