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Meet Our Team

Our Selections team is made up of passionate career development specialists, administration professionals, and community-focused leaders. Each brings uniques skills, experience and energy to their work in furthering the mission of Selections.

I have always wanted a job that enabled me to help others. Selections allows me to do that and so much more. It is truly a rewarding experience to play a part in making our community more inclusive and advocating for those who face barriers to employment.

Erin Lee (Staff)

Selections has been a gift to me, I have learned such valuable lessons from the individuals that I serve and their families. They inspire me every single day of my life. I can’t say enough how much I love working for such as an amazing organization where staff work with dedication, love and passion. My heart belongs to this place and I am committed to keep advocating and raising my voice so we can move mountains!

Angie Amaris (Staff)

Working at Selections is like having a second family. My coworkers, our individuals, and their families have helped me to become a better version of myself.

Sheena Aquin (Staff)


Angie Amaris

Executive Director

Angie is a passionate advocate for human rights who immigrated to Canada from Colombia in April 2010 with her husband, pursuing better opportunities for themselves and their daughter. Since arriving in Canada, Angie has rapidly built a successful career in the non-profit sector.


In Colombia, Angie was actively engaged in endeavours combatting sexual abuse, commercial sexual exploitation, and domestic violence with families and individuals.  When Angie arrived in Canada, her heart led her to the Bissell Centre, where she spent nearly 7 years supporting individuals to find and sustain housing, using the Housing First philosophy.  Continue reading...

Erin O'Toole

Program Manager

Erin is the newest addition to the Selections team! She comes with a positive energy and passion for helping others particularly those living with diagnosis. A University of Lethbridge Bachelor of Psychology graduate, Erin’s ambition thrives through advocacy and growth of not only her team but also the individuals they support. She comes from approximately 10 years of work within the non profit sector working with mental health, addictions, and disabilities.

Her dedication of working to create empowerment and inspiration to not only the individuals seeking services but also for those supporting them is what has fueled her career. Continue reading...


Erin Lee

Career Development Coordinator

A recent graduate from the University of Alberta’ Bachelor of Arts degree program, specializing in psychology, Erin has rapidly accrued a wealth of experience in the human services sector. As a dedicated, long-time volunteer with the Steadward Centre for Personal and Physical Achievement, she gained exposure to planning and facilitating beneficial physical activity sessions inclusive of individuals with disabilities. With a passion for helping others and building relationships, Erin is highly motivated to see Selections’ service recipients succeed and grow, and to empower them throughout their employment journey as a Career Development Coordinator. Continue reading...

Haley Weiss

Career Development Coordinator

With a passion for supporting the needs of individuals with disabilities, Haley has excelled as a Career Development Coordinator, serving as a strong advocate and support for Selections’ service recipients. Following the completion of the Disability Studies program at Grant MacEwan University in 2007, Haley returned to graduate with a Child and Youth Care Degree in 2010 at the same institution. Following graduation, Haley rapidly accrued an invaluable skillset engaging with individuals of all ages; in the past, she has worked extensively both with individuals with disabilities, and with high risk individuals and their families. As a Career Development Coordinator, Haley’s unwavering patience and enthusiasm for her work make her a highly effective coach to the individuals she serves. Continue reading...


Sheena Aquin

Career Development Coordinator

Sheena’s passion for supporting the needs of individuals with disabilities is longstanding, going back to when she first graduated from high school. Highly motivated to make a difference, in 2004 she began her journey into the human services sector, attending the Disabilities Studies program at Grant MacEwan. A committed community member and passionate advocate for inclusive opportunities, Sheena first began volunteering with Little Bits Riding Centre around this time, where she remained for several years.

In 2007 she commenced work as a Community Support Practitioner, helping empower the individuals she supported to gain independence and achieve their goals. Continue reading...


Juliana Luna

Executive Assistant / Bookeeper

Juliana is the newest addition to the Selections team! She immigrated to Canada from Argentina in October 2011. She is from Colombia and has been living out of her Country since she was a teenager. She has experience in administrative jobs and comes with positive energy for helping our office in all administrative tasks. She has a degree in Business Administration and speaks German, Spanish and English.

Juliana lives in Edmonton with her husband Jorge and daughters Sophie (5 years) and Nicole (4 years).She spends her time away from work spending quality time with her family and working on her passion that is cooking!