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What is a developmental disability?

Metro Crisis Services defines a Developmental Disability as: “A lifelong disability occurring before the age of 18 that interferes with a person’s ability to meet normal developmental milestones.”

Doesn't a "job coach" just get in the way of employees?

Not at all, our CDC (Job coach) dedicates him/herself to the individual, takes on the role of trainer and also assists with the integration of the individual into the life of the organization. Think of it as having 2 new employees starting at the same time and training together. Once the individual is comfortable with the job, the CDC begins to fade support until the individual is able to operate independently.

As an employer, how do I know that an individual from SELECTIONS will do the job as I need it done?

Selections does not promote special treatment for our individuals; therefore, the expectation is that the individual perform to employer expectation. The CDC will work with the individual and employer to ensure this. Selections complies with standard probationary periods, you will not be “stuck” with our individuals.

As a business owner, I'm very concerned with my "Bottom Line". I need fewer people with more versatility. Why would I wasnt to hire someone with restricted abilities?

During times of financial struggle or cutbacks, there is a need for a business to find an economical solution to completing a day’s work. Often staff are overloaded with their demands and they would benefit from having a person willing to put together several leftover tasks in order to create one steady part-time position. Persons with disabilities, in general, tend to stay longer in positions and are loyal employees.

Doesn't it cost me more money to hire people from an agency?

No, Selections is not a traditional employment agency. Our services will cost you no more than hiring any other employee.

Can I trust someone with a developmental disability to work around machinery?

Yes, each situation is individually assessed. Selections places people into sites where they can contribute safely to the teams productivity. Selections suggests that orientation for each person/individual on each companies policies proceedures and saftey regulations.