Electronic Library Resource Centre (ELRC)

Do you Have Limited Access to
Technology and Support?

We’ve Got
You Covered!

Technology and resource hub where you can:

  • Access the tech you require
  • Join in workshops and professional development training
  • Complete Job Searches
  • Connect for 1:1 support and consultations​

Two streams for accessing technology-based support services:

In-house: for groups or individuals who can come into the office.

Online: for individuals who choose to connect online and require support through online video conferencing systems, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Borrow a Tablet and Train from Home!

Looking to gain more confidence with your tech skills?

Take a workshop at our Electronic Library Resource Centre to build your proficiency!

The following technology resources are available for in-house and online support:



(for resumes, applications, resources or information)


(with chargers, keyboard, and pens)

Examples of in-house and online training accessible through the Electronic Library Resource Centre (ELRC)

Transferable Skills & Accomplishments

Identify skills, strengths, and accomplishments, and learn how to relay them in an interview.

Occupational Research

Acquire job market research techniques to find work.

Resume Building

Acquire job market research techniques to find work.

Cover Letters

Compose a captivating cover letter that aligns with the company’s values and job requirements.

Job Interviews

Learn how to handle stressful events, stay focused, impress potential employers, anticipate interview questions, and answer behavioral questions.


Obtain insight into growing, strengthening, and activating personal and online networks. Study the secrets to tapping into the hidden job market.

Disclosure of Disability

Learn about disclosing a disability in the workplace and an Employer’s duty to accommodate you.

Conflict Resolution

Gather strategies and techniques to help manage & resolve conflict in the workplace through non-violent communication techniques.

Workplace Communication

Build your communication skills toolbox, become more assertive and present a positive attitude to help you succeed in the workplace.

Health, Safety & Employment Standards

Understand your rights and responsibilities as workers.

Eligibility Criteria

*All ELRC users must be active Selections Clients.

How can I access the Electronic Library Resource Centre?

First, make an appointment! Call us today (780-461-5270) to book a time in the Resource Center!
We ask your cooperation in answering our health screening questions and respecting health measures
during Covid-19.

Electronic Library Resource Centre History

Selections was fortunate to receive a grant from the Edmonton Community Foundation’s Emergency Community Support Fund during the height of the pandemic to help vulnerable persons address barriers and challenges. Selections utilized this grant to create and implement the Electronic Library Resource Centre to reduce isolation, increase clients’ proficiency with technology, and provide more innovative options for service delivery.